"5 stars" Edinburgh Guide

BETTE DAVIS AIN’T FOR SISSIES is a magnificently witty testament to the perseverance of Hollywood's greatest legends.   It’s the 1939 Academy Awards,  young Bette Davis has been nominated for Best Actress in Dark Victory against Vivien Leigh's Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. The LA TIMES have LEAKED the winners early "How dare they".  Bette will LOSE to Vivien.  With newspaper in hand, a disappointed Bette Davis storms out of the ceremony.  What ensues is an internal dialogue of Bette’s memories, and relationships with her Confidants, Lovers, Mentors and Mother Ruthie, all with historically accurate details, as well as insight into the struggle and fight of a young 31-year old Bette Davis whose voice would not be quelled.  Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Bette Davis, Jessica Sherr, shines in her acclaimed 5-Star monodrama.  Witness Bette’s most defining moments as a tenacious young starlet fighting her way to the top!!!  Written and performed by Jessica (who wears a real pair of Miss Davis gloves) promises to tease and unease audiences. See what happens when someone who always wins...LOSES.