The Actors Guild              New York, NY    November 14th,  7:30pmBUY TICKETS

The Athenaeum                Chicago, IL     June 15-July 2, 2017BUY TICKETS

The ArcadaLiv             St. Charles, IL     June 25, 2017 BUY TICKETS

The Tobin Center             San Antonio, TX    February1-3, 2018BUY TICKETS

RVCC PAC                                New Jersey   February 21, 2017

59E59 Theaters                   New York, NY

The Players Club                 New York, NY

Assembly Rooms                 Edinburgh, Scotland

St. James Theatre                London, England

John W. Engeman                 Northport, Long Island

The Cabot                                    Beverly, MA

The Beacon                                 Hopewell, Virginia

Laurie Beechman                  New York, NY

The Triad                                       New York, NY